Vredestein EU-bandenlabel

Juni 06- 2017

Choosing the right tyres for your car can turn out to be fairly complex. Any tyre has its own pros and cons, but what makes the difference? To give insight in the properties of tyres, the road becomes a safer place for everyone. Vredestein wants their clients to be well informed before they hit the road.

Since 2012 a new label is launched to clarify the qualities of the tyre. But what exactly are the meaning of these icons, letters and numbers that are seen on this label? In just 1,5 minutes worth of time, the label is visually explained in a 3D animation.

The animation about the EU tyre label is the first in a series of animations. Any of these animations contains a specific subject regarding tyres. Subjects vary from measuring tyre pressure or tyre tread and differences between a summer or winter tyre.

To meet the purpose of these animations, it’s of importance to keep them approachable and the narrative should be quick and clear.


Behind the scenes

The main goal is to distribute information regarding the EU label. The tyre is the focus point in a seemingly simple background. This dark background serves as the base. The grid that serves as ground plane, grants the ability to “load” different undergrounds, such as a dry, wet of snow-covered road.

The look and feel of this series of animations fits the previous animations of Vredestein. Continuous style is managed by using custom elements, such as the Vredestein car and the large equalizer in the background. The equalizer stands out and attracts the attention of the viewer. Choice is made to only insert the equalizer in just a few carefully selected shots.

Since we’re about to create a series of animations using these same assets, it paid off to establish a library. All custom-made setups like the equalizer, specific textures, settings, rigged models and even weather condition setups are saved to this library. All these assets can easily be loaded for any future animations saving lots of time and help to realise a consistent style throughout the whole series of animations.