juli 11, 2018

Vredestein introduces their new Winter tyre for 2018, the Wintrac Pro. This tyre uses a unique material composition that involves a type of resin. This resin ensures an extreme performance increase under winter conditions. The exact formula of this composition is of course a company secret, but Vredestein indicates that this tyre will give you a 15 percent increase in traction on snowsurfaces compared to previous winter tyres.

The presentation of the Wintrac Pro is supported by an animation on a 20 meter wide LED wall. The animation uses 6 different mountain environments which cover an area of 36 square kilometers and a tunnel with a length of over 3 km. The environments have been worked out in great detail to be able to produce the ultra wide version for the 20 meter wide LED wall. The ultra wide version has a ratio that is more than twice as wide as a cinema screen. The viewer can see almost 120 degrees around him at any time and therefore inspect the environment in almost all directions.