What we do

We create 2D and 3D animations to promote products, techniques and services. Generally, the main goal is to elucidate or to explain, but animations can also be used for entertainment or commercial purposes.

Inspired by the film- and gaming industry, we incorporate a cinematic style into our animations. We want the viewer to be entertained, inspired or be learning something new by watching our animations. Our cinematic style builds tension and is a great way to keep the viewer captivated from the first to the very last second. We focus on the narrative’s core: the qualities of your product, service, or idea. A little bit of exaggeration goes a long way: why would you sell yourself short?

A catchy animation movie is the right balance between image and sound. Therefore, we offer a complete package, including custom designed music and voice-over.

3D animation, why?

The main benefit of 3D animation is its flexibility. In 3D we create fictional worlds in which the possibilities are limitless. Take for example techniques so small or dangerous they cannot be recorded on camera. These can easily be done in a digital 3D world. Products still in development or in a concept stage can be visually portrayed and presented in a utopian environment.

The team

Zootec is a small team of motivated 3D animators who have turned their hobby into work. Each with their own specialty within the profession of 3D. Script writing, storyboarding, environment design, rigging, audio design, shading and texturing are examples of our in-house skills. 3D animation is broad and technologies are continuously developing. For us this means that keeping up with the new tech is an everyday challenge. By setting high standards, we make sure our skills keep on developing.