The Inner Circle

October 04, 2017

Apollo and Vredestein have developed a partnership programme to work together with local tyre stores. These retailers are then rebranded to become an Apollo or Vredestein store, giving them a more professional appeal.

The original Inner Circle concept consisted of a 50 pages booklet. Definitely not the way to impress a potential customer. To replace the booklet and facilitate sales, a 2-minute animation has been created to explain the concept and its core benefits. Not only does this speed up the sales process, but the concept is much more immersive and convincing.

By using 2D animation, principles are explained and non-tangible services are portrayed. The decision was made to tie the shots together using smooth, flowing transitions and create a continuous and dynamic animation. This choice of style increased the complexity of the After Effects compositions drastically.

Timing and motion are key in animation. Therefore, realtime feedback is a necessity. To maintain this feedback, managing layers and keeping overview became a project in itself. By organizing compositions and using pre-rendered sequences, control of timing and motion were kept creating fluent transitions.