Hitec PowerPRO 2700

June 9, 2016

Ever heard of UPS? Not the delivery service, but Uniterruptable Power Supplies? It’s pretty likely you have never heard of them. They are however essential for our society to function properly. They provide power to the most critical processes of companies, no matter what happens. For example in airports, datacenters or hospitals. The new UPS of Hitec has a length of 17 meters, which is actually compact for a UPS with this amount of power. It is bold and futuristic looking. That’s not just for showing off, it actually is strong enough to sustain a whole hospital on its own.

On behalf of Brand Specials, we made this promo film for the release of the new Hitec UPS, the PowerPRO 2700. 3D animation was the weapon of choice for this project, as the actual machine was not fully build yet. Besides it would be more expensive and time consuming to move such a device and light it properly for filming. Watch the presentation below of the new generation Hitec UPS.

Do you want to know more about the PowerPRO 2700? Please click here.