Diversey Care – Kleinschalig Wonen

October 10, 2017

Diversey Care aims to provide a well defined hygienic food preparation process and a clean and fresh living environment for their clients, all achieved with little effort. Particularly for the small-scale living environments, they offer an overall solution concerning food preparation and cleaning. The everyday life and routine of their client is the centre of attention within small-scale living.

Our customer wants a light-hearted animation in order to convince caregivers that the products of Diversey Care are the solution. After reviewing the project and going through the associated leaflet, it appeared Diversey’s plans would result in a massive 3D project. Multiple characters with convincing facial expressions must be set up and various decorated environments would be needed.

To simplify the project, and thereby keeping things within budget, we chose to execute the project in 2D. Characters only need to be set up and animated in two axis. Likewise, the environments are quicker to create in 2D. They don’t need to be modelled, but are hand drawn. The cartoon paint style keeps the animation light-hearted and with the addition of audio, it slightly resembles Disney as well.